Our Services

Full Truck Loads

Have a full load? Were ready to assist! With our fleet of 20 vehicles and growing, we are always ready to assist your with your shipping needs!

LTL / Partial

In this fast paced world, not every company has the time to take a partial load. At My Truck Logistics we are ready to work with you to help coordinate the shipment of your partial load!

Oversize Load

A My Truck Logistics specialty! My Truck specializes in over size, over weight, and over dimensional loads. We are set up with every state and know how to quickly get the permits to get your load up and moving to your destination! We even have RGN Trailers ready for your low profile needs.

RGN / Double Drop Loads

My Truck Logistics is proud to announce that we are now introducing RGN and Double Drop trailers into our fleet! If you have any questions or wish to inquire about the price, please give us a call!

Now Available: